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Due to Turkey’s diverse geography, one
            can experience four different climates
            in any one day. This rectangular-shaped
            country is bordered on three sides
            by three different seas. Its shores are
            laced with beaches, bays, coves, ports,
            islands and peninsulas. Turkey is also
            blessed with majestic mountains and
            valleys, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and caves
            perfect for winter and summer tourism
            as well as sports of all kinds. Fans of
            skiing, mountain climbers, trekkers,
            hikers and hunters can all enjoy new and
            unforgettable experiences in Turkey. The
            country is rich in hot springs, healing
            waters and mud baths, which are highly
            recommended by the medical authorities
            as a remedy for many diseases. But Turkey
            is above all a huge open-air museum, a
            repository of all the civilizations nurtured
            by the soils of Anatolia.

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