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Besides its great sights and monuments,
            Turkey offers unlimited opportunities for
            leisure and pleasure. Majestic mountains
            are ideal for climbers, hikers, skiers and
            paragliders. There are over 8000km of
            coastline laced with picturesque bays
            and coves offering not only unique spots
            for summer holidays but also exciting
            opportunities for scuba diving, sailing,
            parasailing and cruising. Year-round
            sunshine destinations are accessible in
            Turkey, while there is plenty of snow in
            others. There is a solid and expanding
            tourism infrastructure, one of the world’s
            healthiest cuisines and an extremely
            hospitable people. Seniors, history-lovers,
            yachtsmen, mountaineers, young parents
            with toddlers and business people who
            look for new adventures can all find
            something special in Turkey.

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